New Client Custom Layout View For All Types Of Blogs

General Guidelines:


before starting any blog, the writer has to understand that requirements would differ based on the client. 

hence any writer before starting an article or task must make sure to cross verify the given details, type, reference, instructions 

and other data regarding the task.

if this fails then the outlay of the data might not be that must valid.

this might cause task rejection.

Do not start any task before reading the requirements thoroughly

in any task, the writer must fix/stick to the word count provided by the clients.

Website Content Outlay :

1) main point to be noted website content is not similar to the other blog, they are completely unique 

the writer has to understand the activities done by the client/ their website and list them into categories 

For example, take digirake

to write a website blog for digirake the writer has to list out what are the activities done by the company digirake


1) content writing

2) Voice Over 

3) Translation 

4) Video Creation 

5) Infographics and more 


hence the writer has to list all the points that is done by the given company,

and then fill in the required details under each subheading 

what does that mean?


before starting to list about what digirake does the writer must write a two para with 3 lines about digirake.


the website content will not be needing an introduction or conclusion.


the activities done by the digirake comes under the category “What is digirake for” or “what are the services offers” or to be in short “Services offers”


the writer must also include 


“Why to choose digirake”


Can list a few points like the example below (specialities)


for digirake :


“Timely delivery”

“data Accuracy” 


the writer has to list done the general facts and feasibilities based on the company’s work and its process.

The details about the company must be listed in here.


other listed samples :






SEO Blog Topics Layout:


Consider SEO Blogs are the very simple blogs that one can write on.


Things to do with SEO blogs:


1) each and every SEO blog will be provided with a keyword. the writer has to understand what the keyword actually illustrates.

initially the writer must explain the what the keyword it.

the whole task must be only related to the keyword provided.

the writer must insert the keyword atleast twice for every 400-500 client provided word count, if the client provided word count tend to more than that then the keyword proportion also must increase.

make sure to add the keywords once for every 200 words.

The keywords inserted must be bold enough to be seen in the whole text.


the forceful injection of the keyword would be prohibited to use. make sure the keywords is suitable in the place where you insert them.

2) they writer has to include subtopics like 


@ Benefits of the adopting that service to the company.

@ Use cases – at which case the service is more beneficial to the company.

@ Advantages a person can opt when comparing with the  competitors

@ Pros – positives that can impact on the business in behalf of using this 

@ types – the writer has to insert the types that are served by our clients to their clients 


And introduction and conclusion with respect to the keyword provided.




@ Never every write about the negatives or consequences of the adapting the service.

@ Do not write any details about the company.

Promotional Blog Post Layout:

The moto of the promotional blog post is to list about the company and their products.

we have to make sure not to include any other company details or products in between the posts.


list about the few best products of the client from the provided list. in some cases the client might provide the product by themselves.

write about those product/company in a positive manner and 

make sure to attract the readers of the blog to go visit the company or product details.


the promotional blogs must be in a interactive format. 

like your can ask “you where searching for this kind of product but confused to choose the best. right?”

this will creates a interactive tone to the writer.

must include the redirection link like 

“click and check the product description.” 

“want to know more about the product right? then here you go – give a click”

use your creativity to be more attractive towards to click ratio.

How to write a ORM Blog Post:

This is mostly in case of matching the person’s profession with the person himself/herself.


1) the writer has to write about both the company and the person.

2) the writer has to include the vision and mission of the person’s or their profession’s.

3) The writer has to include the Importance of the service that is done by this person in his profession.

4) must specify who he/she actually is?

5) the writer has to list about the achievements and awards.

6) what service or work is done by that particular person?

7) The writer must list the contact details in a line or in a point at the end. either an email id , or address, or a landline number or a phone number.


the writer has the make the task indirectly as a promotional one, which also a kind of informative.

How to write a Guest Blog Post:


Guest Blog post is nothing but one person is allowed to post His/her content in some other’s website either with a deal or with a contract or with a mutual understanding.

the writer has to write the blog with the provided keyword.

follow the similar pattern in seo blog post.

the article must be informative article similar to the SEO Blog post and the writer must add a few words about the client stating the deatils of him/her.

but the writer also has to thank the actual owner of the website who is allowing the person to post the blog on his.

How to write a Web Site Blog:


web site blog posts are as similar as the SEO Blog posts.

the only thing that comes here as a add on is that

– the company details in one or two lines.