Terms & Conditions – Content Writing

  • Payment will be issued regularly on every month-end (I.e., 30th or 31st).
  • In case if the month-ends fall on weekends, we will make the payment beforehand.
  • All comments will be notified in Zoho analytics regarding the status of every article even for rejected articles.

Articles may be rejected if

    • Clients can reject the article when the content is not up to their mark in quality and expectation.
    • If articles hold any plagiarism percentage score.
    • 95% Plus in Grammarly Score
    • If the outline given is not followed.
    • Delay in deadline.

Note: The rejected articles are not payable & comments are notified in Zoho Analytics

Rework for

    • Page Formatting Mismatch
    • Word Count Mismatch (If the article requires 500 words then it can be in the range of 480 to 520 only)
    • Outline Mismatch

Note: The writer must accept the changes. The payment will be released only for the finally accepted word count and all data will be available in Zoho Analytics.

Formatting Guidelines:

    • Font: Times New Roman
    •  Size: 12
    • Article Title: Title Tag
    • Article’s Headings: Heading 1 Tag
    • Article’s Subheadings: Heading 2 Tag
    • Article’s Minor Headings: Heading 3 Tag
    • Heading Must have only Bold Letters
    • Bulk paragraphs are not encouraged.
    • A paragraph can contain only 3-4 lines maximum.
    • Split the paragraph if the limit exceeds.
    • Images must not be inserted into the article.

Plagiarism Guidelines:

    • The report must be attached at the end of the article.
    • Run only 500 words per check.
    • If the article has 1000 words then the article must contain 2 images.

Spinning Guidelines:

    • The spinning of words is not accepted.
    • Spinmenot.io report must be attached at the end of the article with score less than 25.

Grammar Guidelines:

    • The client expected Grammarly percentage is  95% & Plus only
    • Check out the Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, Delivery, and Style Guide in the right-side toolbar. They must hold a good rating. 
    • Attach Grammarly report at the end of every article.

Linking Guidelines:

    • Any link that is attached in the articles must only be under the hyperlink concept. 
    • If the outline insists to insert the link, then the writer can do the same else not required.

Attendance / Availability of the writer:

    • The writer must communicate their availability beforehand.
    • So that the allotment of the article is done based on the word count that the writer can handle on a daily basis.
    • Task allocation will be done in Zoho Analytics.

Submission Guidelines:

    • The writers should write the article on the google docs that are provided.
    • This process is carried to track the progress of the articles.
    • After completion of the article, the writers must notify the task id to the management team for data updation.
  • The payment report will be given initially to the writer before releasing the payment.
  • The payment will be released immediately after the writer’s acknowledgment.
  • In case of a delay in the writer’s acknowledgment, the payment will be released.
  • If any revision is required before or after the payment process, the writer can contact the management team to get the modifications done after verifying the database.
  • Miscellaneous works like mirroring, rephrasing, spinning the content, etc are not encouraged. These are easily identified with the premium tools used internally.