Terms & Conditions – Blog Posting


Payment Terms:

  • Payment will be issued regularly on every month-end (I.e., 30th or 31st).
  • Pay will be calculated based on the task. (Pay per task method)
  • In case if the month-ends fall on weekends, we will make the payment beforehand.
  • The payment report will be given initially to the freelancer before releasing the payment. 
  • The payment will be released immediately after the freelancer’s acknowledgment.
  • In case of a delay in the freelancer’s acknowledgment, the payment will be released.
  • If any revision is required before or after the payment process, the freelancer can contact the management team to get the modifications done after verifying the database.


Cross Verifications:

  • The blog must be posted only on the listed website name(Validate the website name twice). Wrong representation of the website or mispostings of the article on other provided websites is not acceptable. 
  • No other articles other than DigiRake’s provided must be listed in the clients website.


Posting Guidelines:

  • Content Posting must be more attractive each and every segment must be represented with proper alignment and individual sections based on the content. 
  • Freelancers must differentiate the heading, subheadings, and content properly.



  • The suitable images must be properly feteched from the provided source and attached.
  • Images must be best suitable for the content provided in the article.



  • The given links must be properly added into the post on the website.
  • Posting of links may differ based on clients and type of article. All guidelines will be given to the freelancer at the time of training.


Training Sessions:

  • Training sessions will be shorter and more crisp. More training time will not be consumed.
  • The Freelancer must hear out the complete training video and must follow all the guidlines provided in it, to avoid mistakes and misdoings.
  • Cross verification, image posting, link posting and allignment will be detailed in this session.


Attendance / Availability of the Freelancer:

  • The freelancer must communicate their availability beforehand. 
  • So that the allotment of the article is done based on the word count that the freelancer can handle on a daily basis.
  • Task allocation will be done in Zoho Analytics.


Task Assigning Guidelines:

  • The freelancers should assign the articles by themselves by using the form provided, the available tasks will be listed from the portal provided to them.
  • Once after the freelancer assigning the task to them the task will be moved to their ongoing track and the particular assigned task will not be listed on the other freelancers.


Task Submission Guidelines:

  • The freelancers should submit the article on the provided form.
  • This process is carried to track the progressing of the articles.
  • After submission the task will be validated and sent to the payment track.


Important Note: 

All assigned tasks accomplished by the freelancers are one and only for DigiRake Team, the freelancers are not supposed to copy or sell the same content to others. The freelancer is supposed to check the uniqueness of the task done by them before submission.