How To Start Affiliate Marketing With ClickBank?

One of the most talked-about field of study, jobs and business today is digital marketing. And within digital marketing, affiliate marketing is the most sought-after area amongst freelancers and the small business community. Freelancers from different genres try their hands-on affiliate marketing to make stable and reliable passive income with low or no investment.

We are trying to give you a better understanding of how affiliate marketing works and why Clickbank is the best way to make fantastic progress in your business, either as a businessman or a freelancer.

We will be detailing the following pointers today in this article.

  • What is Affiliate Marketing
  • About Amazon Affiliate program
  • Steps to get onboard
  • How     to promote products on Clickbank
  • Eligibility
  • Pros     and Cons
  • Payment and refunds
  • Conclusion

Bottomline Introduction

Our point of discussion today is Clickbank. Market leader in affiliate marketing and global brand in the retail segment, Clickbank works as a connecting link between product merchants or advertisers and affiliate partners. We will explain the step-by-step onboarding process, pros and cons, and why you should do affiliate marketing with Clickbank if you want to succeed in business with small or no investment.

Let’s get ahead with today’s topic and pointers.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a system where one party works on commission by promoting another company’s products and services. The party which is working on a commission is called an affiliate. He/she advertise products on their blog, website, social media channels and receives a handsome passive income in terms of commission.

About Clickbank and their Affiliate Program

Clickbank is in the affiliate business since 1998 and has millions of products to choose from for freelancers and customers. They deal in digital products such as video tutorials, software, and eBooks, etc. They have created thousands of millionaires through their marketing platform.

In other words, Clickbank works as a bridge between affiliate marketers and digital product creators.

One of the distinctive features of Clickbank is that they don’t own the listed products. Clickbank provides a platform and connects product makers and affiliates.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing is a program for small business owners or freelancers.

Freelancers earn commission by promoting products of Clickbank on their websites, blog, and social media channels. Affiliates get a commission based on sales and conversion generated. You, as a freelancer, attract customers to click on the product link, which will navigate customers to the company’s landing page. The rest of the action happens on the landing page only.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing is an opportunity for freelancers to earn a handsome passive income with low or no investment.

Steps to get onboard

Clickbank has made the whole onboarding process fast and straightforward to complete the sign-up process easy to use.

First, you need to sign up or create an account

Affiliate marketers can open a Clickbank account free of cost. Freelancers don’t have to pay anything for sign-up.

Click on ‘create account’ on the home page, and you will be redirected to the simple sign-up form. It is simple to form for general information. You can read their terms and conditions at this step.


Once you complete the form and are satisfied with the terms and conditions, click submit, and your document will be complete.


Clickbank asks for your interest in training content. This training content is the sales pitch for the Clickbank university program. We would recommend not to spend money yet on any schedule. You can watch free content if you want information on the Clickbank affiliate program.

Personal Information

To complete basic account setup, you need to fill in personal information. You need to enter your name, residence, language preference, and other essential details about yourself.

Banking Information

Clickbank will use your banking information for payment and tax purposes. For residents of the USA, it is mandatory to share Tax ID to receive payments.

Choose your account type from the dropdown available on the page.

Account information

Now we are on the dashboard of the Clickbank Affiliate program. You need to click on ‘I am new here’ because you create an account for the first time. You can also manage several Clickbank accounts here if you have already created one or a few. It would be best if you made a username and password here for the profile

It would be best if you chose the affiliate in account type option and nickname of your choice.


Clickbank will send a confirmation mail with a link to verify your account.

Hurray!! You can now promote the products of Clickbank on your website, blog, and social media channels.

How to promote products of Clickbank

Freelancers or business owners need to create HopLinks to promote the products of Clickbank. HopLinks is an Affiliate link for freelancers and business owners. They can use this link to post on the website, blogs, and social media channels. HopLinks contain landing pages and links for freelancers.

Another feature of these HopLinks is that Affiliates can track sales made and customer journey throughout. Clickbank has kept the process simple and secure. When a customer clicks on the HopLink, payment will be transferred to the company, and commission will be disbursed to the freelancer or business owner.

Creating HopLink is an easy process of two steps:

  • Select an item for promotional purposes.   
  • Use the HopLink and create product-specific HopLink

Pros and Cons of Clickbank

Generating leads as an affiliate marketer could be tough, especially if your are new in the trade. As an affiliate marketer, you feel some advantages and disadvantages while working with the company.

Similarly, Clickbank also has some pros as well as some cons.


Clickbank has been serving customers since 1998. Trust and security are pillars of their philosophy. Clickbank is one of the most secured companies in the world.

Product Listing

Clickbank has maintained a vast product list to choose from. Affiliates can search and finalize their intended product for promotional purposes.

Huge Commission

Clickbank offers up to 75 percent commission on conversions. It means an affiliate earns more than the company every time a customer makes a purchase.

No shipping, No handling

Clickbank deals in digital products. Naturally, affiliates don’t have to bother about the shipping and handling aspect of a business.

Instant service

All the products are available digitally. So Clickbank has maintained its prompt and instant delivery service. Customers enjoy instant delivery of products almost every time.

The Cons of Clickbank for Affiliate partner

The dilemma of affiliate link

Sometimes it isn’t easy to sell because people don’t trust affiliate links. Freelancers or business persons feel this problem at the initial phase of affiliate marketing because it takes time to build trust among target customers.

Spam sites

There might be some illegitimate sites out there, and you are promoting their products on your site. You are promoting a scam, but you do not know it.

These are significant pros and cons of Clickbank. Now it is up to you what to choose. Do visit Clickbank and read the terms & conditions. Read reviews and compare.

Our personal favourite is Clickbank because of its easy registration process, simple dashboard, quality product listing, and attractive commission.

Payments and refunds

  • Mode of payment for Local affiliates
  • Direct Transfer
  • Cheque
  • For International affiliates

Payment takes additional seven days for international payments. Checks do not arrive in a night, so you have to wait longer.

Payment options are pretty limited in comparison with other companies. Some popular platforms, such as PayPal, Payoneer, etc., are not available for Clickbank payment.

Clickbank has its reasons to keep limited options. Most people prefer direct transfer or check, so little payment is not much of a concern for customers.

Payments at Clickbank come with certain conditions. Affiliates have to earn at least 10 US Dollars in commission to start receiving transfers. But there is a glitch here.

Bank charges will decimate checks under 100 US Dollars in value. So, maintain your payment threshold higher when you are accepting commission by check.

Another notable fact is that an Affiliate needs to close a minimum of 5 closures before taking a commission.

Clickbank also has a policy for refunds.


Clickbank offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on all products. Return policy proves more problematic than helpful. Return policy is good for genuine and loyal customers, but it is a way to do scam.

Scammers order eBooks, download them and demands a refund. Several fake affiliates do such illegal acts.

The bad thing is, such scammers, eat into your hard-earned commission.

So, be careful while making plans for affiliate marketing and promotional campaigns for any company’s products.

With this, we have arrived at the concluding part of today’s article on how to start affiliate marketing with Clickbank. We have explained all the useful information about Clickbank and why you should choose Clickbank for Affiliate business.

So, refer to this article, do proper research, and arrive at an informed decision. Go and visit Clickbank to start your fantastic journey of affiliate marketing journey.

Best of luck!!!!!!