Best Dropshipping Tools

The entire world is slowly turning into a global village with the introduction of digital media. Everything is on the Internet nowadays, and each activity of a human is guided through the latest internet technology. Online shopping has become a normal phenomenon, and businesses focus on selling their products through these online portals. While some might prefer selling their products on their website, certain people prefer using dropshipping tools to promote their products and businesses. Currently, businesses are searching for the best dropshipping tools in the market to improve their sales to a greater extent.

What is dropshipping?

People who are well aware of digital marketing and e-commerce websites might come across this term called drop shipping. But for naive people, it might be a new term that is nothing but a technique that allows the E-Commerce stores to sell a particular product without storing them in their warehouse or by maintaining stock. To be more clear, it is just an intermediary tool between the buyer and the seller. 

While the customers can place an order using the site, the seller will directly send the product to the customer after receiving the money. This avoids the unwanted hassle of having a warehouse and being responsible for the quality of the products. This is a good option because it allows E-Commerce based businesses to focus on marketing and selling rather than worrying about shipping and other logistic arrangements. There are many tools present in the market, and among them, they sure have been quite helpful. 


Shopify is one of the best dropshipping tools available in the market and is owned by a Canadian based E-Commerce company in the Ottawa region. Founded in 2006, this organisation has been existing in the market for more than a decade. Later they also developed a web application as a dropshipping tool that allows you to build your very own online store in the form of an application or website. It is not a simple tool and comes with various themes and features that allow you to customize the store depending upon your restrictions and requirements. With the help of the store, you can sell as many physical and digital products as you want. 

This store is designed to be used by naive users, and hence anyone with basic computer knowledge can start their online store. They support both HTML and CSS, which is a boon for programmers. The Shopify tool comes with features that make it more suitable for your designing and let us now see about them. 


Shopify tool allows you to enjoy a fine set of features. It has made the lives of several business organizations better due to its simple solutions. 

  • Shopify itself can be considered as a host solution. So you do not have the need to purchase a website or a server from anywhere and use the server within Shopify for advanced website creation. 
  • The payments are available in the form of monthly fee-based structures. Even though you do not own the site, you can still rent it and use it with limitless features. 
  • It allows you to design a wide range of online stores, payment processors, blogs with marketing tools. 
  • Allows you to customize your store with the help of features that can be used for development. 

The organization has nearly 1.6 million online stores with 7000 staff working all around the globe. Their annual income is almost 200 billion in sales. 


If you are looking for the price range of all the available Shopify plans, then there are five basic plans based upon monthly payments. They usually range from 9 dollars to 299 dollars, along with customized pricing options for specific websites. They also offer discounts on certain requirements along with free trials that last for 14 days. 


When you have a business store in the Shopify app, sometimes you might need support. Oberlo is the perfect choice since it was designed exclusively for supporting the Shopify stores with an autopilot feature. It was designed completely for Shopify alone, and it is responsible for the communication and shipments of multiple businesses. In simple words, it provides a proper link between the sellers and the buyers. You can also begin a new business with the help of the Oberlo dropshipping application. 

Anyone who has access to the Shopify store can install Oberlo as a supporting tool. This application is suitable for standalone businesses looking forward to starting from scratch or altering the existing website. 


If you have an existing Shopify store, you can link with Oberlo or create a new one. The full feature is available in multiple packages, and they also offer customized features for designing. 

  • This application can be easily integrated with the Shopify application to make it more powerful. 
  • Allow you to have unlimited monthly orders even in the starter package. 
  • It saves a lot of time by allowing people to edit the products and upload them onto the Shopify application quickly and simply.
  • It is one of the most authentic and suitable applications that we can use by integrating with the Shopify store.
  • It is a good choice for most businesses, and the team behind it is highly supporting and helpful, along with the advantage of the bulk editing process. 


Oberlo is an advanced application with multiple free features that you can utilize, especially with the standard package. It has various plans, including a starter plan which is entirely free and has certain basic features like 500 products, unlimited monthly orders, production synchronization, under regular inventory updates. But if you want to have a paid version with more features then the pricing will range from 29 Dollars to 80 dollars. When you combine it with Shopify, the starter plan will be completely free. 


Sprocket is one of the best dropshipping tools available in the market that uses the latest technology for implementing a perfect design. It has a collection of nearly 30000 entrepreneurs or business owners using its services. It uses a unique machine learning technology to aid the retailers in avoiding the upfront costs spent on inventories. This platform has been challenging other e-commerce websites like Amazon with their valuable features. 

Some of the common advantages offered by this particular application include quality, and product consistency, along with advanced shipping options and invoices. They also offer perfect customer service that allows you to ensure the quality of the product. By joining with them, you are joining a new revolution in the world of dropshipping with no inventories. It is a Canadian based company that has been existing in the market for more than four years. Despite the experience, their technology is most favoured. 


When you are looking for a perfect platform to start your business and have enough contact with Shopify and Woocommerce, this application can be an ideal selling point. 

  • It has connections with multiple suppliers available all over the world. So you can purchase products from anywhere and sell them for your business. 
  • It comes with an advanced machine learning technology that allows business people to set up their ventures in minutes through proper information and power supply management.
  • It allows merchants to create and enjoy customized branded invoices with their details, including their logo. 
  • It allows the merchants to maintain a standard margin flow between 30-60%.
  • It offers automated selling concepts along with investigation and interview. 


This dropshipping tool is easy to maintain and available as monthly and yearly payments. They also come with certain exciting offers, including 5-month discount packages when paid early. They also have a trial free version that allows the entrepreneurs to browse through the catalogues. But their paid version starts from 24$ per month to 99$ per month subscriptions. You can subscribe to the original versions after enjoying the 14-day trial package. 


Zapier is one of the best dropshipping tools that was founded during the year 2011. Located in San Francisco, this particular tool has been existing in the market and allows you to automate multiple tasks between several online services. It acts as an app connector that allows you to transfer data from one application to another without any prior knowledge or coding experience. It will enable you to connect with nearly 1500 apps in the market and work with them continuously. With the help of this application, you can add multiple orders to a spreadsheet by linking with Excel and integrate the customers with your email marketing tool and create new projects. By integrating with the required applications, you can take all the work in an automated process without working. 


Zapier also offers a variety of features that makes it unique and special. 

  • This tool allows you to resolve multiple compatibility issues that occur between two different forms of software. 
  • The product’s pricing is also reasonable, and hence you can choose them rather than spending a lot of time on the work. 
  • It allows you to integrate the application with multiple other applications making it suitable for network connections, spreadsheet work and multiple other tasks that require you to keep an assistant or spend your own time on. 


It is also available as a free package that allows you to use five zaps per month with 100 tasks. There are also paid versions available, rating from $20 to 2 600$ per month. 


Woocommerce is an open-source plugin used for WordPress. It is an e-commerce website plugin established during the year 2001 and has been succeeding ever since. This application is well known among the masses for its simplicity and advanced customization options. Developed by Woo Themes, this product is used widely by multiple people. At the end of 2020, it has nearly 3.9 million users or websites. It comes along with various payment options like Paypal, BACS, and Cash On Delivery. They can also be integrated with multiple other applications such as Facebook, Zapier, Stripe, Square, etc. Initially, this particular platform can be pretty intimidating, but it can be understood on continuous usage. This versatile product is being used by nearly 28% of the e-commerce population.

The current active developer of woo commerce is the Automattic that the company purchased in 2015. With traffic of 300000 retailers, they are easy to install and configure at the same time.


This particular tool is not just unique but also advantageous in most cases.

  • It acts as a storefront and a free WordPress theme that can be integrated with the help of a core plugin and offers a refined look for your store. 
  • It also contains a variety of themes that can be used as a prebuilt store website. 
  • It comes with various features that support a good speed and essay of features that make it easier for your clients to give the store. 


This is a free soul that allows you to use them without any payment options. But when you are going for advanced options like tailored themes, the price range may vary from 20$-200$.


Dropified is one of the best dropshipping tools available for clients who wish to sell the products with the help of a simple online store. These purchased products should be manufactured, stored and shipped by the supplier to the clients based upon their requirements and their orders placed. This application is almost like the other applications, including Oberlo. If you are looking forward to purchasing this product, it is better to go for the trial version, which is more than enough for basic operations. They allow you to try some fantastic features, and you can gain an advantage over the features available. It allows you to create multiple stores where you can add as many products as possible. It can be integrated with multiple other applications and comes along with automation options.


This tool comes along with a variety of features, and some of them have been mentioned. 

  • It comes along with a powerful research tool that allows you to work hard and determine products that are deep within your niche. 
  • It comes along with customized designing options that can be quite powerful. 
  • It allows free shipping options, and clients can order as much as possible. 


Even though it has multiple features, they do not offer any specific free version. They only accept paid subscriptions with a 14-day free trial. Anyone who wants to use the tool for a long time needs to make the payment. It is available as a monthly package of $47 and a yearly package of 564 dollars. 


The Auto DS tool allows you to save a lot of time and search for certain products along with their stock prices. It’s not just about the search, but you can also maintain a regular database on the product and process such orders. It contains a collection of nearly 500 million products from 25 different countries and suppliers. This product can also be integrated with some of the best E-Commerce sites, including express and Amazon. 


Auto DS has taken a step forward and offers certain features that are unique to themselves. 

  • It allows you to integrate with applications and perform automated orders.
  • Enjoy price and stock monitoring all through the day. 
  • It provides price optimization techniques along with a detailed Dashwood and easy movements. 


Since it can be integrated with multiple e-commerce sites like eBay, Shopify and Facebook, the site offers you the option to select one of them. The price range white varies from 47 dollars to 197 dollars per month for a monthly subscription, and choosing the early package will allow you to save the money by 20%. 


Chili-Hunter is one of the best dropshipping tools that allows you to create multiple profits on eBay. With the help of this advanced tool, you can understand the most trending platforms and genres as they can be used for creating intelligent decisions. It has improved the sales of multiple businessmen from all over the world. It offers complete detail about the retailers and suppliers with a good profit margin. 


Some of the best features offered by this unique tool include,

  • It provides a free bonus for regular customers with an advanced keyword tool and image optimizer. 
  • It comes with the best designing tool for designing titles and long-tail keywords.
  • Provides competitor evaluation and eradicates the duplication of the items. 
  • Offers a wide range of products through a single click along with store evaluation features. 


This product is available as an annual and monthly subscription. The price range is 39.99 Dollars per month for a monthly subscription and is reduced by 50% annually. 


Ali Dropship is one of the best dropshipping tools used to sell the products listed on AliExpress. You can easily integrate your site with them or share a plugin with the WordPress site. AliExpress has become one of the best tools with their latest revolutionary features that altered the business and made it successful through online platforms. It is one of the robust and affordable dropshipping plugins available in the market and comes with various features that have attracted a vast audience. 


Even though the Ali dropship has some variety of features, there are certain standouts. 

  • They offer real-time business to business quotations. 
  • They permit you to send multiple orders with a single click.
  • You can save a lot of time and improve the profit margin with the feature to add an unlimited amount of products. 


Even though Aliexpress is completely free, the dropship plugin causes at least $89 as a one-time payment. Similarly, concerning the customization options, the prices might vary in the future. 


When you are new to the business of drop shipping, then Salehoo can be a safer choice. It allows you to create contacts with multiple suppliers who can provide the products regularly and suitable for first-timers. This particular product was launched in 2005 in New Zealand. Having survived in the field for more than a decade, they have become one of the best dropshipping tools globally among the other heavy competitors like Woo commerce and Shopify. They are one of the leading contributors that lead the national level sale into an international wholesale market. This particular app was created as a result of personal work-related frustration and necessity. With a population of nearly 8,000 suppliers combined with 1.6 million branded products, Salehoo is one of the leading brands. Currently, about 137000 subscribers exist in the market that uses these services. 


It is a hundred percent high-quality tool that offers complete transparency. This particular tool allows you to earn millions of dollars by selling the correct product. 

  • Identify the most popular selling products and the items that are under demand.
  • The client can determine which of the products have more significant profit margins for earning a good income at the end.
  • Allows you to gain specific deals from the suppliers along with features like organizing their details.
  • They have a collection of nearly 8,000 suppliers and innovative seller training for the customers to ensure success in their business. 
  • Allows you to access multiple supports through phone, email, and facebooks. 


If you are looking forward to purchasing and creating a perfect business organization within Salehoo, you can either go for the lifetime access or 1-year access program. The lifetime access model is available for $127.00, while the simple one year access is available for $67. The lifetime directory access allows you to enjoy multiple features along with the 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality. They offer personal email support and multiple access to directories, members forum and market research Labs. 


The usage of down shipping tools have been increasing a lot lately, and their importance has increased rather than decreasing. They are used for improving the profit margin with the help of selling products, finding suitable suppliers and earning money with simple applications. Even though there are various tools available in the market, the ones mentioned above gained more popularity and using them can improve your business. Every application has a unique feature, and depending upon your business, choose the most suitable one.