Are You Planning To Hire The Most Efficient CRM Software? If So, Don’t Skip This.

You should not use any CRM software just like that without seeing the best in it. And we will help you choose the CRM software.

In this article, you will be able to read and know about features, functions, and a lot more about the best customer relationship management software available out there in the market.

CRM software is one of the tools that are very beneficial to sales teams and marketing teams. It has a set of productive strategies that are used in bringing new, and binding old customers, to the product or the manufacturer. It is used to smoothen the social functioning of an organization.

 Don’t skip any bit to know everything that you need to know before buying an efficient CRM software.

Best CRM software available in the market:

Freshworks CRM:

Freshworks customer relationship management software highly promotes smart selling. It makes your experience of being a seller in the market more manageable and more fun. It was initially called fresh sales, and later it was changed to Freshworks. It has extraordinary artificial intelligence features. The automation is simply fantastic. You can be calm as you do not have to worry about the customer relationship. Freshworks handles them all very well.

Features :


Customization makes any software special because you can make it unique by choosing what you want to do with the software. The Freshworks CRM software suits all your business needs. It fits right to your company and with your team like you want it to work. It is convenient and valuable.

Highly productive:

Freshworks CRM software increases your productivity. It has a predesigned set of lead routing rules, and it functions according to them. It automatically designates leads to the teams or people according to their set of rules. It saves a lot of time and in business time is money. It is also very efficient with managing your tasks.

Multi-communication channel:

The multi communication channel that Freshworks CRM software offers makes it the best. It is very communication friendly. You can establish a good relationship with your customers using modes of communication like email, WhatsApp business chat, call, chat, SMS, apple business chat, etc.

Artificial intelligence help:

It is common for humankind to commit technical errors but not for Artificial intelligence. You can make improvised decisions with the help of the outstanding artificial intelligence help that  Freshworks CRM software offers.

Mobile application:

Freshworks CRM software is also available as a mobile app making it compatible with smartphones. It synchronizes with google maps and your check-ins to give a better experience. It feeds your calls in the form of voice notes so that you don’t miss out on anything and anyone. You can also add your outlook and mail.


  • Monthly growth plan ₹2,099
  • Pro plan 5,099 monthly

Pros and cons 


  • Automation: It has the best automation features ever. It is very helpful especially for those who are new to it.
  • Interface: It has a very feasible interface. It is not difficult at all. It smoothes your experience of using CRM software.
  • Collaboration and communication : One of the best software that supports and enhances communication very efficiently. 


  • It has a smaller number of fonts in email templates. The choice is limited.


Engagebay is an outstanding CRM software that was founded in the year 2017. It stood against all the odds facing all challenges that come as a result of having colossal competition. It is a software application that is designed to function by providing a marketplace where customers, sales and marketing, CRM, and support software function depending on each other. 

Features : 

  • Reliability: 

It is the most essential feature of any software, Especially, CRM software. Through this, we can save time and quantity Because, if the software that the organization is opting for is not reliable.

  • Templates: 

They decide the view of the application. Each organization would like to choose or design its template that gives a shape to its ideas. And also, it provides customization according to the needs of the organization.

  • Flexibility:

Softwares that a company or an organization hires must be like their backbone. They should strengthen the organizations in the best way possible. Engagebay software must be flexible enough to meet the needs of an organization. 

  • Editing:

It is something that makes every website unique. When you edit the software considerably, that means you are customizing it according to your personal need, this is what makes your company or organization different from the other companies or organizations.

  • Screen engine optimization 

Screen engine optimization or SEO is to increase the probability of your site being noticed by the global public under the roof of the internet.


Per user per month, 

  • basic plan $8.99
  • growth plan $29.99 
  • pro plan $47.99

Pros and cons 


  • All in one software: It deals with three systems very efficiently.  It has excellent marketing, sales, and service management. It is a customer relationship management software that functions for all that a company requires or expects from the CRM software.
  • Value for money:  As Engagebay is all-in-one software, it saves a lot of money. It is a sales and service enhancer along with customer relationship management that removes the need for extra sales, marketing, and other tools. By buying this one tool, you can get them all.
  • Easy to use: It comes with a very useful interface. With basic technical knowledge, one can do away with it. 


  • Does not have frequently asked questions.

Zoho is a CRM software based on its cloud server and is an excellent virtual relationship manager. It suits all the industry types and business kinds out there.  It has a personal and independent, artificially intelligent assistant, Zia. It provides excellent business experience giving the best services like giving the selling interpretations, suggestions, solutions, etc.; it is like a miniature powerhouse with all the features and tools required.

Features : 

  • Automated leads:

Zoho has excellent automation in terms of leads. You can leave the score for the automated software and relax. Zoho will find leads and follow up on them. It saves time, and also automation does work more efficiently than humankind.

  • Managing deals:

In any business, managing deals is quite stressful; Zoho makes it less complicated and, in fact, easy. You will be able to take up more deals in less time. Comparatively, you turn out to be more productive.

  • Best review process:

Reviews are the more substantial stepping stones than failures because if you take them right, you can make yourself better, and you will not have to face failures. But if these reviews are inappropriate, you can choose to delete them. You can choose which reviews can go out and which should not. 

  • Enhanced communication  

The communication channels that Zoho provides are very efficient and foolproof. They include calling, email, social media, and customer ports. You will have notifications and alerts when someone checks on your business, company, or brand.

  • Performance acceleration:

Zoho enhances your performance. It multiplies your productivity and enhances your business reach.


  • Standard ₹800
  • professional ₹1,400
  •  enterprise ₹2,400

Pros and cons 


  • Very safe and secure. It is based on cloud services which reduce any chance of threat to safety or security.
  1. Implementation is very easy and useful.
  2. Highly budget-friendly and value for every penny.


  1. There are some bugs and glitches that are to be fixed.


Hubspot is an easy-to-use CRM software that can work efficiently as a virtual relationship manager. It supports all the industry types and is very convenient to set up.  It is capable of performing considerably well and is reliable. The output it generates is pretty good.  It is also good at lead management and excellent at online marketing. It is more of a marketing tool.

Features : 

  • Email as a marketing tool

Hubspot does well with marketing through email, also called, email marketing. It builds efficiently personalized emails, sees that it is delivered well and also suggests automated email responses. 

  • Online marketing: 

It produces excellent content that grabs the online market. It functions with mobile optimization. It tracks and to pages, forms, etc., that are required to market your product. Also, it avails search tracking and other optimization benefits. 

  • Managing leads:

It manages leads well. It has a remarkable lead marketing database and leads nurturing strategies. You can track online behavior. It also functions with segmentation. It also manages the data quality.

  • Analytics:

Hubspot is beneficial for analytics. It is an excellent customer relationship management software that does analytics well.

  • Reporting:

You don’t have to worry about reporting. Hubspot provides all the basic features efficiently.


  • starter plan $45/month,
  • Starter CRM Suite $68/month, 
  • Professional $800/month
  •  Enterprise Starts at $3,200/month

Pros and cons 


  1. An all-in-one platform. You don’t have to arrange different software for different functions.
  2. It is very easy to use and is reliable.
  3. It lets you market your content too.


  1. It becomes expensive in the long run


Insightly is highly compatible with G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. It is consequently compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Gmail integrations. It is very lucrative. It is highly functional and fits various needs.

Features : 

  • Easy to use: 

Insightly is very easy to use. The interface and functioning are feasible and reliable. The visuals are very attractive and easy to handle. It is very straightforward and feasible. 

  • Customer support:

You can drop them a mail or meet at the help desk for any queries. You can refer through the frequently answered questions. You can also check on their knowledge base. Lastly, you can drop a text, and they will chat with you.

  • Training 

They provide you with their insightful training in webinars, live online sessions, videos and documentations. 

  • Affordable:

Insightly is a very affordable customer relationship management software. It is not expensive but is highly effective. It suits Industries of all types and sizes.

  • Reporting, tracking, and documentation:

Insightly is very useful for reporting, tracking, and documentation. Insightly provides all the necessities for expert tracking and reporting. Also, it does well with the documentation.


  • Plus plan:  $29/ per month for a single user
  • Professional: $49/ per month for a single user
  • Enterprise: $99/ per month for a single user

Pros and cons 


  • An all-in-one platform and is very lucrative. It offers many features that are to be paid for in other software, for free. 
  • The integrations are maintained well with Insightly. 


  • Comparatively, the report customization is not up to the mark.

Leadsquared CRM

Leadsquared CRM is one of the best software to develop your business; this software provides various business tools to make your work easier. It helps a person in creating personalized and great marketing campaigns via emails. It was produced to grow and benefit small and mediumsize commerce but now possesses the best consumers like CloudNine Hospitals, PractoMax Bupa, and Deltin Group, amid numerous othersCRM bonds the divide within retailing and exchanges teams by offering solutions of CRM and automation for commerce through an only program that is available at an affordable price.


  • This software seizes the leads so nothing can stop lead squared to stand out. A person can combine generating leads from various authorizations. When the lead is seized, theManage Leadscapacities allow us to record, team, and conduct your leads according to the behavioral qualities.


At just Rs.1250 monthly (billed annually).


  1. It stimulates lead capture by presenting an alliance with various platforms to communicate both technological and non-technological modes, communications, events, and lead seizing connectors over various networks.
  2. It allows you to produce personalized and visually fantastic email marketing campaigns. By various tools for drag and drop images, text and CTA switches to absolutely make and remit a personalized undergoing to clients.
  3. It provides a more extensive active phase of leads.
  4. It consumes time and energy and pleasures clients.
  5. It helps construct, receptively, optimize, and promote landing pages without coding, visually appealing.
  6. We can access both through mobile phone and desktop.
  7. Its best feature of the dashboard provides insight into click-through rates, landing conversions via websites,  and open rates emails.


  1. It’s costly in comparison to other narrower products.
  2. When you use it to run a vast campaign, there is a chance of some technical glitches.
  3. It does not work correctly if you have a low speed of the Internet.


Act CRM is a client association software application for management produced for the industry of production. It is produced by Act and has a user foundation of over 3.8 million enrolled users.

Features :

  • Focus is one of the essential things in business, and people who deal with business get trouble focusing. The best software that helps you to concentrate your short time and scarce resourcesIts insights are precise to your freakish industry.
  • This software has excellent tools to drag business and elevate your trademark. It enables you to send impactful emails that advertise your services or products and look well qualified without a vast account or marketing expertise. This software has tools to captivate new leads, profile your possibilities progressively, and turn website visitors into paying customersjust as a marketing pro.
  • It is a direct route to sales completion. It helps to trail and control every detail of your open possibilities forecast precisely, reveal potential issues and possibilities, and quickly adapt strategy with comfort.
  • Are you Monica Fan? Then this software is best for organizing. It gives you an organized place to keep details of customers, emails, reminders, and other essential records like accounts, attachments, campaign results, and every industryspecific data.
  • Mobile App: This mobile app has many exciting features like Interactive Maps, Calendars, activities and history, Sales pipeline management, and actionable dashboards.
  • Outlook integration: Quickly and easily identify the outlook email recipients as contacts in Act.
  • Connections: It has various connections with apps like business activity connections, Sales and marketing connections, ecommerce connections, social media connections, customer service connections, and backoffice connections.


There are various plans. The starting plan is essential to plan is $15, standard $30, and expert $45. (You can also have a free trial).


  • Emails and pages of landing are notable highlights set.
  • Robust list and contact supervision are permitting a whole communication cycle to obtain a place in one site.
  • Here you can obtain regular leads and tools to catch up.


  • Some tools of social media are not userfriendly.

Maximizer CRM

It is one of the oldest software. It is customer relationship software. There are 120,000+ businesses who use this software. There are three offices situated in Vancouver, England, Canada, and Australia. This is the ultimate growth platform.


  • Business intelligence: Use insight to analyze and monetize the business.
  • Marketing tool: With the help of email automation, progress tracking, and detailed contact storage, which makes an adequate marketing sample.
  • Sales team tool: Pipeline perfection helps to generate better leads which further leads to business growth.
  • Customer service tools: Through this software, you can track, manage and resolve customer service issues quickly and easily.
  • Deployment operation: You can experience more choice and control with two flexible deployment options. Cloud CRM and ON Premise CRM.
  • Maximizing the effective ecosystem of the pre-built alliance helps raise productivity and contribute more extensive client insight.


Small Office plan $29 Insight $49. Business Plus is also $49.  A free trial is also available.


It is User-friendly, open menus, and not many invisible traits you need to dig deep into.

Manageable, not at all complicated. Ideal for small to medium-size enterprises.


Extensive data handling might have some glitches. Maximizer needs to improve on this.

Add supplementary user-friendly alternatives for the most regularly used purposes in the web version.

There is no mark for the deletion option. They need to provide a way to delete without physically deleting records.


Apptivo is an all-in-one solution for all businesses with scalable engagement. It is Affordable, Customizable, Intuitive, yet Powerful. It integrates with nearly any application. In addition to our existing native integration, it has a powerful RestAPI that supports any complex and custom integrations.


  • It makes work easy by collaborating on tasks, outlines, and controlling the timesheets.
  • It helps in tracking comprehensive sales and marketing processes to achieve more leads everywhere with CRM software.
  • Apptivo Campaigns help to join with the clients seamlessly at any place.  Smoothen the acquisition with vendor tracking, record, and purchasing.
  • It also permits operative invoices for the orders and timesheets.


  •  It is one of the affordable CRM. Its basic plan starts with just an $8 per month premium of $12 and $20 per month. This software also allows a free trial.


  1. Quick response to customer queries
  2. Budget-friendly software
  3. A better-organized platform.


  1. Multicurrency survives on invoices but not on other apps.
  2. No adaptability between the apps.


An incredible software program helps you handle all your projects, personalize your sales funnel, and develop your business with unique features like an online store. There are many advantages to using this software in your office. To split down these advantages, we can break down each solution according to the area it applies best.


  •  Although there are several domains, four essential domains incorporate the best benefits – retailing, human resources (HR), outline administration, and client service.


 This programmer has fantastic plans. The first basic plan is free of cost. Unique plans start with $19 per month, and business plans start with 79 dollars per month.


  • Its data cataloging system maintains high scalability.
  • This can be combined with various marketing administration services.
  • It can be tied to various programs based on marketing generation, such as Facebook lead Ads.
  • Meetings with possibilities for clients and employees can be listed free of cost.


  • Mechanized notifications from it are challenging to schedule.
  • Emails that we attach with the software account are often locked.
  • Reserved resource records are not renewed live.
  • If the communication center is to be used, it is challenging to schedule channels to show the necessary data depending on various preferences.

NetSuite CRM

This software deals with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  which passes strong aptitudes in a single cloud solution, including sales force automation, marketing automation, and client service and support.


  • Provides sales with real-time outlooks, customer, opportunity, and order reports. Manage opportunities beyond status revenue, key contacts, data, and related papers.
  • It helps in estimating continuous sales execution with personalized key performance pointers. Access sales goals such as obtained versus quota actual versus sales forecast and sales pipeline by stage.
  • Build security, predictability, and assurance into the sales method.


The product is available for $129 per month

Pros and Cons:


  • It Boosts Sales Productivity.
  • We get clarity into the pipeline and projections making sales more likely.
  • It improves customer connections by providing an accurate 360-degree view of the customer, including sales, support cases, and financial affairs.


  • Its complex nature does not serve adequately for smaller companies – additional complication.
  • The search helps, but it appears it has to be a complete report (it is not very spontaneous).


It is a client relationship management resolution that brings businesses and customers together. It’s one unified CRM platform that gives all your units — including retailing, sales, commerce, and service — a unique, shared view of every client.


  • Having trouble in storing contacts of customers, then you are in the right place. Not only phone numbers but other contact details such as email addresses and postal addresses will also be saved through an automated setting.
  • It is blazing quick to find documents back. Salesflare automatically organizes the document you and your team exchange with customers.


It is available at a pretty reasonable price. The growth plan is $29 per month. Other plans are also available in the market. 


  • It isn’t simply a sales CRM, and it includes vital outputs (known as Clouds) and applications to provide widespread support for customer service and marketing methods. What’s more, you can build your app or portal for customer and partner communication using the Bolt Platform or create a website with the Salesforce solution called


  • Choosing supplementary products to complement your resolution entails higher prices. If you have boundless needs in sales, customer service, marketing and plan to see to them all with its products, the message is clear: get ready to pay.


It is a client management policy for small businesses, which advances formulation. Capability and pleases the clients with every step of the process.


This software handles the follow-up, updates your client and company reports, and gets you funded while focusing on stimulating income streams, and helps you in strategizing your next growth plan.

Easily combine your Gmail or Outlook inbox with client administration tools. They’ll automatically renew your contact record, send or collect email messages.

Increase performance and productivity by connecting your data, applications, and devices to Keap’s wide variety of software integrations. You’ll have ready access to the most modern apps to run your business, including all other apps of Google, Microsoft, etc.


 Lite plan $40 for 1st three months then $79.


  • The support is excellent! Navigating the app and figuring out how to do certain things can be like entering a rabbit hole with no idea where to go first, but I know that the support team is always there to help you successfully do what you need and want to do. You can contact support regularly.
  • A business the size of mine can use one app to do so many things such as store a contact database, allow for communication and program distribution through both broadcast emails and campaigns, set up and keep track of purchases and receive payment securely, allow program transfer or email series’ through the campaigns, and set up an associate program. I have used and regularly use all of these features.
  • The dashboard feature and how it gives you a daily snapshot of the business.
  • There was a bit of a learning curve, but producing newsletters and campaigns is relatively outspoken for now. They always come out looking and working professionally as the renewed functionality is easy to use and comparatively spontaneous.


  • There are quite a few minor glitches that create some tiresome issues to sort out (very time-consuming), but maintenance is beneficial with these issues. One of these things is duplicate contacts messing up all kinds of things, from the formal alliance with Customer Hub to inaccurate/incomplete records.
  • Have consistent issues with credit cards not preparing correctly the first time.


CRMs are very useful to run your business smoothly. 

Following are the uses of CRMs:

  •  you can save a lot of money with CRMS
  •  you can improvise the services and increase the productivity
  • smoothens the relationship with your customers and builds trust.
  • Overall it improves your business.

Yes, there are types of CRM, they are: 

  •    Operational CRM

An operational CRM helps in streamlining and simplifying the main business processes of any organization. To do so, the tool will do the work of helping companies in generating leads, converting those leads into contacts while also providing the service infrastructure necessary to delight and retain customers.

  •    Analytical CRM

Analytical CRMs are the ones that rely on gathering the data and analyzing it to help companies better serve their customers. Some basic examples of this kind of information include customer preferences, behaviour0, and contact information, among others. 

  •  Collaborative CRM

A collaborative CRM helps bring together a company’s marketing, sales, and service data to further improve the synchronization within the businesses and give a better understanding of the customers’ needs, wants, and interests to each of the departments.


So to run a business that has enhanced customer relationships, you need a good CRM. And if you have reached this sentence, you have learned a lot about CRM. Now you can take a call and pick the best CRM depending on your needs.