Is Shopify Free

No, Shopify is not free. However, you can commence your expedition with Shopify on their available trial period which is 14 days.  You can establish your shop on Shopify and make it noticeable to the customers while on trial, but for proper sale, you need to have a reimbursed version.

Unlike many other well-known service providers, Shopify does not ask you to procure your credit card details, while on trial. After your free trial ends, then only it will ask you to provide your credit card details.

So, if you ask me, is Shopify free? Then, No, it’s not, but it is free for the first 14 days which is a trial period.

Shopify does not ask for any set-up fee or additional expense. You only have to pay for your regular expenditure per month, credit card expenses, and the fees related to each transaction.

There’s another service offered by the same called Shopify payments and if you employ it, then you don’t have to settle for a transaction fee for each payment but if you employ any other payment mode then, you may have to reimburse for a transaction fee.

Shopify proposes a 10% discount on their annual plans and a deduction of 20% on their biennial plans but no deductions for monthly plans.

Is Shopify free? Can be considered as an unsuitable question to ask, How to use Shopify at low expenses? Could be the more reasonable question. Shopify offers several plans, and you can select anyone from them according to affordability and demands.

  • Basic Shopify plan- It’s economical of all and requires only $29/month. It is for those who want to start their little store but do not have an adequate amount of money. It provides you with an unlimited range of products. Unlike, Shopify lite, this plan does not restrict your file storage or trading solutions. It delivers you a telephone support system and cart recovery elements.
  • Shopify plan- It’s the standard one and amounts to only $79/month, and the expenses for a credit card on this Shopify subscription is 0.3% less than the Basic one. It is for those who want to expand their online business and enhance their offline existence. With this plan, you can lure more shoppers to your store as it permits you to gain gift cards and analytics.
  • Advanced Shopify plan- One of the extensively remarkable plans and requires $299/month but the credit card expenditure for this proposal is the least. It is for anyone who craves to improve their sales as it provides you with better shipping strategies. It lets you customize your reports using access to reporting or analytical systems.
  • Shopify plus- It is for the larger businesses which tend to bring enormous remunerations every month. It usually costs $2000/month. It furnishes a great pace to large scale businesses. It provides you with an assistance team and makes sure that the team gets everything they need to accomplish. Also, your creators get access to more operations for better customization.
  • Shopify lite- This plan entitles you to retail your commodities only on the personal website or on social media. It only costs $9/month. Shopify lite is very unlikely to meet your expectations but if you have a small budget then, you can go for it. This plan is promising for a website that is already well recognized on social media.

So, if you ask me again, is Shopify free? I would say, No, it’s not, but it can cost you accordingly if you are smart enough.

Shopify does not have a limitation on making sales or how many commodities you retail. Every Shopify plan extends infinite products sale without any conditions. You can set up a staff account using different plans, and all of them have different limits.

If you are not employing Shopify Payments, then the extra expense in terms of trade fee also hinges on which plan you are using. It’s 2% per trade for a basic subscription, 1% per trade for a Shopify subscription and only 0.5% per trade for an advanced Shopify subscription.

Likewise, the processing tariff for a card also relies on your plan. For a basic one, you have to expend 2.9%+ 30¢ per trade, for a standard plan, you have to disburse 2.6%+30¢ per trade, and for an advanced plan, the expense is less I.e. 2.4%+30¢ per transaction.

After analyzing pricing and all, it relies on you and your prerequisites to choose a subscription for your business. You can take your time, compare it all, think about your priorities, and then make a decision. Of Course, you can test it before using it, what are those 14 days of trials for. Go build your store, mark your presence, explore everything, and then reimburse for the proposal you seek, if that’s not the case, then you can revoke your contract at any time.

Is Shopify free? No, but there are proposals at very reasonable prices.

When it gets to something as important as setting up a business or building a store. Your main concern should be building that at a reasonable pricing. Where your profit is more than your expenditure. Of course, no one prefers to spend money but something as huge as setting up a business cannot be entirely free. Shopify is very transparent about its costs and expenses. So how much it’s going to amount to you, you already know it, before choosing a subscription, and then you can intend your goals and expectations, likewise.

Is Shopify free? If, this question ever strikes in your mind. Then, think about all the privileges, and goals, and assess whether it can be free. What you can get are reasonable pricing and that too after a period of proper trial and testing. You can test before trusting the service.

All the best! Select the proposal which is the promising fit for you and your enterprise.

Shopify is available at a reasonable price.