Volusion VS Shopify

Volusion and Shopify are e-commerce platforms. Both have been very well known in the market. Both have generated billions of dollars over time. But there are few differences as well This article compares both the platforms and hence tells you which one would be more preferable.


Volusion is one of the most well-known platforms for the e-commerce industry and is the best eshop builder on the market. Volusion can be used by the website and its app, which is available on the play store.

As mentioned, it has a great platform, offering endless features and possibilities to the store owner. They are fully hosted and use powerful SEO tools that help boost your rankings across all major search engines, and this is the essential requirement for any e-commercial business.

It has several features such as:

All in one and fully hosted:

This includes a shopping cart, websites, and hosting; these all are secured and certified with a 99% uptime guarantee.

SEO friendly for top results:

It has powerful SEO tools to optimize URLs, Meta tags, and image alt tags to boost rankings in all major search engines. This provides for more significant customer inquiries and orders, which is ideal for any e-commerce platform.

 Powerful integration tools:

It provides this feature of connecting the business with top-tier integrations like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart to make everyday operations more manageable.

Unlimited support and resources:

A dedicated team of experts at the helpline center is available 24×7. This is one of the critical features as many other websites face the issue of helpline services.

Hassle-free payments:

They have a secure and flexible payment option from all the major credit cards, pay pal, online payment apps like Google Pay, and phone pay involving a UPI ID. The payments are completely safe and are completed in minutes. 

Easy social media training:

This allows sharing and promoting products from your e-commerce store with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Shopify is a website that allows users to quickly and efficiently set up an online store. It’s a little different than setting up a website in that they provide all of the website hosting for you so that all you need to worry about are your products. The main advantage of Shopify is that it is upper easy to use, there are no complexities for a beginner who is about to make and handle the website. Even if you don’t know to code like CSS, JavaScript can design the website and make it look attractive.

The features of Shopify are as follows:

User friendly:

It has been designed for a non-technical audience, and you don’t need to install any software on your computer as all you need is a web browser and access to the internet. The interface is pretty user-friendly and can be used to make a very professional-looking store without any coding.

Good-looking templates:

There is a decent collection of beautiful templates included with Shopify. They are all very responsive, which means they will display nicely on any device. If you don’t like the templates from a free plan, you can also select from the premium plan.

Abandoned cart saving is available on all plans:

Abandoned cart saving lets you identify visitors who nearly brought something from your store only to change their mind at the last minute. Once you know about the users’ identity, you can send them an email with a discount code that encourages them to complete their purchase by buying all they added to the cart. Unlike its contemporaries, Shopify has this feature under all its plans.


This lets you sell the products without keeping any of them in stock; you take the order, send it to the supplier, and deliver the goods to your customer. It offers a wide range of apps for drop shipping that lets you sell lots of different goods from many suppliers. 

Calculation of tax automatically:

One of the hindrances in selling online is that you end up making sales and places with different tax rates, reflecting on your products’ pricing. Shopify works for automatic tax calculations and hence facilitates the process.




BASIC SHOPIFY ($29/month)

PERSONAL ($29/month)

SHOPIFY ($79/month)

PROFESSIONAL ($79/month)


BUSINESS ($299/month)


PRIME (Based on GMV)

On July 5, 1994, Jeff Bezos created Amazon in his garage in Bellevue, Washington. It began as a book-selling website but has grown to include electronics, apps, video games, clothes, decor, snacks, toys, and jewelry.

As we see, almost all the price plans are similar except that evolution has an extra “PRIME” plan. 





Better credit card rates- we get more money on every sale as compared to volusion

Volusion has been in the market for years and is usually better out of the box as it has gift cards, built-in ratings, and real-time shipping quotes.

Better and cheaper templates- there is a wide range of templates available under the free plan.


It has almost all the features of which are required for e-commerce.

Better add ons and apps- customizations and adding various features becomes easier on Shopify then volusion


It has a great variety of functionalities.

Integrates with Pinterest, PLAs, and tons of things- sales on Pinterest and other such online shopping websites become more accessible due to this feature of Shopify.

They have excellent customer support and plenty of learning material at their dispense. 




It requires third-party apps- unlike volusion, some features are missing in Shopify, and you need to add them in with volusion.

Bandwidth fees- if too many people come on your website, volusion starts to charge fees.

Fees are required for 3rd party payment gateways

Hard to change-making any changes in volusion is very tough.

This is a paid feature, and you will have 24/7 customer service, all fulfillment and shipping costs, and access to an amazing network





Ease of use






Customer score



Help and support



Value for money



As observed, Shopify has good reviews as compared to volusion. 


Its various reasons to involving why Shopify is preferred over volusion are, 

  • Massive selection from apps that assist in the rise of sales
  • Superfast page load time
  • Several templates in both free and paid
  • Easy customization
  • 14 days of free subscription 
  • Many payment method integrations 
  • Discount codes
  • Order fulfillment is the easiest
  • Great insights and analytics