Are You Stuck In Teachable Versus Udemy? Read This Out.

Teachable and Udemy are the best online platforms; if you haven't tried them, don't be late.

In this write-up, I’ll tell you about a few things you should know before choosing between the two E-learning sites. So you have a better sense of judgment when you have to choose one and know what you are getting yourself into. 

After comparing the two E-learning sites, Udemy and Teachable, I can say that I like Udemy more. The offer it gives out to the students is very positive looking. It makes it affordable to buy the courses for the development of our career and personal skills. 

The offer provided to the teachers of a no-invest startup is a very significant feature helping in the employment process. The feature of 5-star ranking makes it easy to choose for the users among the many courses available. It helps them choose better. There is no limited time for the course to finish. Udemy offers a lot of features that benefit both the users, teachers, and students. 


Teachable is one of the most convenient sites to learn online courses in the comfort of your home. Students all around the world are given access to various courses with just a few clicks away. The coaching services are easy to access, and you can choose from the many options available. 

It creates an opportunity for the teachers to create and run their online courses helping them earn and get through the digital age and the pandemic era. Teachable has now been an online learning source for half a million students. 

So far, the creators have made a billion dollars by selling their courses through this site. It guarantees teachers to sell their courses within the next 30 days. They are allowed to teach using any method they prefer or according to their modus-operandi.

Teachable does not only limit online video classes but also provides a variety of learning formats to choose from. The teachers can use Teachable to sell books, services, webinars, tutoring, offline classes, and even group coaching. 


Udemy, on the other hand, ranks first, providing 130,000 online video courses on various careers and many personal skills all over the world each month. The students are given the liberty to learn at their own pace.

One can choose from various courses with teachers from the top industry. The teachers do not pay for uploading the classes, but the company takes up the 50% of the money made through the classes. The students registering for any course are made to pay for the course before starting it. 

Udemy has an app facility where you can access the classes or any of our courses anywhere at any time period. There are a million courses to choose from so the site provides a 5 star rating feature so the person applying for any course will know how much the other people who’ve taken the course benefitted from the course and rated accordingly.

They too provide the facility for the instructors to start their own classes on the site and guide them through. They help the instructors with the tech support and skills needed to upload the courses online. 

Common features

Let’s see what common features both Teachable and Udemy provide-

Access anywhere

Teachable and Udemy both have the facility of an online application on any mobile or desktop along with site access. Students and teachers are able to access it from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks at your own comfort.

Payment for the courses

The students who register for the courses are to pay the specific amount required to access the courses uploaded by the instructors for their teaching and hard work.

 Facility for the teachers

The qualified teachers/instructors are given easy access to upload the courses online and are guided through the whole process. They are given demos to make them understand better on how it works and to make the process of teaching easy for them.

Variety of courses

In this time of pandemic, where one cannot go out, students or any person who wants to learn anything can do it in their homes making learning convenient and easy for all.  There are a variety of courses to choose from and a variety of instructors to choose from too. 

Unique features

What features do you think are the same as in the other?

The unique features of both the sites, Teachable and Udemy, are as follows-

Udemy :

  • Training videos 
  • Step by step guide
  • Assignments by instructors
  • Extra income 
  • Offer coupons and discounts
  • Courses in 65 languages

Teachable :

  • Engaging with teachers
  • Webinars 
  • Can buy related books 
  • Group coaching
  • No tax trouble
  • Can make money
  • Launch accelerator feature

Customer support


  • The customers can contact the company on any platform such as pinterest, facebook, instagram and twitter
  • Can email the company regarding any matter or issue
  • Can contact the company for any support 


  • Can contact them on  their offices around the world 
  • Also email them for any help or support


  • Both the sites, Udemy and Teachable, offer complete security of the students.
  • The privacy of users is well respected and protected. 
  • The privacy policy does not require disclosure of personal information to third parties.



Three options to choose from are- (billed annually)

  • Basic- 29 dollars per month
  • Pro- 99 dollars per month
  • Business- 249 dollars per month 


Each course offers different prices for different courses. The company gives out offers to the students by reducing the price of the course and giving many discounts per course.

Pros and cons



  1. Udemy lets the teachers not pay for teaching or coaching at the very start. 
  2. The teachers are well trained and are from the top industry.
  3. The teachers are given the facility to start teaching whenever they want.
  4. The app allows the students and instructors to learn at their own pace.
  5. Udemy offers students a few discount options.


  1. Teachable guides the teachers well through the whole process of teaching their students. The teachers are given training for the teaching and guided step by step. 
  2. They are given real-life examples and tech skills to understand the process of teaching better and make it easy.
  3. The variety of courses to choose from is a good facility to up your career options and personal skills.
  4. The app allows the students and teachers to access it anywhere in the world anytime of the day.
  5. The teachers are given the liberty to choose their own method of teaching.
  6. The privacy is well-protected. 



  • It takes up 50% of the sales made out of the instructors’ classes which might be a little too much.
  • The payment of the courses might be more than expected by the students. 
  • The internet access required for attending the classes might sometimes be unavailable.


  • The teachers are made to pay to teach which might be hard for a startup.
  • The network requirement can be a hindrance to the course.
  • It can take longer to sell than unexpected

Use Teachable if 

  • You are looking for an online platform to teach
  • You are a beginner to teaching, cause they provide training and demo
  • You want to get paid for teaching
  • You want to teach how you want 
  • You want to sell your course in 30 days

Use Udemy if

  • You are looking to start teaching with no invest money
  • You want to learn at your own pace 
  • Million courses to choose from
  • Sale of the season offers for students
  • You want to learn from top instructors in the industry


Membership Feature

Affiliate Feature








The teacher and the student, both, can choose whatever language they want to learn in. They can choose their home language or choose any language they want to improve in.

The instructors or the teachers can get paid through paypal(U.S only) or direct deposit of payment. The payment will be made on a monthly basis

Yes, both the sites make sure that your personal information is well protected.


Just as the times are changing and everything is becoming digital with the growth of technology, the learning too has evolved from the classrooms to the desk in your homes.

Teachable and Udemy are the two best online learning platforms at one place. Both the platforms are the most extensively used sites for learning in the learning industry right now. 

These online applications make learning easy and efficient in this era of cyber technology. These both platforms also give the much required access to the instructors.