Which free trial are you trying? Kajabi or Podia?

With the increase in work from home employment, many sites like Kajabi and Podia have come up to make teaching easy for them. This way, teachers can make videos online and sell them to the students.


Kajabi is the all-in-one-stop site for the teachers looking to start their own teaching business and require professional help. They help you create videos and sell them profiting both them and the teachers.


Podia is also a similar platform where teachers can start their own business under this site and make money by selling their videos online. It is a helpful site that allows one to teach however they would want to.

Common features

  • Free trial feature

Kajabi-  This site allows the teacher to try a free trial of 14 days where they can experience what it would be like before they sign up for any paid plans offered.

Podia- Podia too offers a similar feature of trying a free trial of 14 days for the beginners to get an idea of what they are getting into and take up any paid plans that they offer next.

  • Thorough assistance

Kajabi- Kajabi offers thorough guidance to all their users to not face any difficulty accessing their site and can easily signup for their plans and make videos. The users are given demos to show how it is done.

Podia- Podia too similarly gives thorough guidance to their users and encourages them to make the best use of the facilities that they offer. They give demos and real-life examples to show the teachers how it works and gives them proper assistance.

  • Students progress-

Kajabi- Kajabi allows the users or their teachers to track their student’s progress throughout the course, which helps the teachers know where to focus more on and what to do accordingly. The teachers can optimize their teaching according to the student’s progress.

Podia- Podia gives teachers the liberty to keep track of the student’s progress reports to make the teaching easy in a way so that they know where to improve. They can conduct quizzes and

Unique features


  • Mobile-friendly- Kajabi has an app facility for its users that makes it unique. You can access it anywhere and on any device.
  • 24/7 assistance- They are active 24 hours of the day so that the users of their site can seek their help any time of the day if any issue arises and helps them resolve it as soon as possible.
  • Email marketing- It offers a one-of-a-kind email marketing feature to its users. They can create campaigns and send them respectively.


  • Digital downloads- The site offers the users to download the videos with this digital download feature, which can help them study offline without any access to the internet. It is a feature that benefits a lot to both the students and teachers.
  • Quick chat- Podia offers the users to chat with them to resolve issues they face right then and there. Through this, the users rest assured because of the hands-on assistance feature.
  • Pricing benefits- The users who are willing to signup for this site are at the benefit as the prices for the paid plans are far less compared to the other sites of online teaching. So if you are looking for a less-price startup, this is it.

Customer support

  • Kajabi – Kajabi offers 24/7 customer support to all its users. Their customer experience team is available at all times to answer whatever questions the users may have related to their site. They are ready to resolve whatever you might face.
  • Podia – Podia similarly offers a customer assistance feature where they run by intercom and answer any questions or inquiries in 20 minutes on the site and your registered email.



Kajabi guarantees that your personal information is protected. They make sure that the details you’ve given are not shared with any third parties involved without your consent.

They respect their customer’s privacy concerns and do not store your crest card details.


Podia does not disclose your details to third parties without your consent. They use Stripe to make payments and receive them, and the payment details are stored in the Stripe app. They protect you against illegal or harmful actions.



They provide three offers for their users with a free trial feature for beginners. Save 20% on annual billing.

  • Free trial is given for 14 days without credit card registration.
  • Primary – 119 dollars per month to be billed annually
  • Growth – 159 dollars per month to be billed annually
  • Pro – 319 dollars per month to be billed annually.


They provide three offers for their users with a free trial feature for beginners with no card details.

  • A free trial is given for 14 days without credit card registration.
  • Mover pack- 39 dollars per month (20 dollars more for additional teammates feature.)
  • Shaker pack- 79 dollars per month ( 20 dollars more for additional teammates feature.)
  • Earthquaker pack- 179 dollars per month with five teammates included



  • Easy payments by the company
  • Email marketing feature
  • Mobile-friendly for all users
  • Can build dynamic pages without a designer assistance
  • Provide users with technical support
  • Fully integrated website set up
  • Lets you keep track of your sales
  • Allows the teachers to track students progress
  • 24/7 customer support system
  • Engage with the Kajabi community with similar entrepreneurs
  • Free trial feature for 14 days
  • Availability of Wistia to host videos


  • Podia messaging intercom feature
  • Less pricey paid plans for users
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing feature
  • Allows the users to hold webinars
  • Allows digital downloads for all
  • Can customize your website
  • Guidance throughout the course process



  • It’s best at everything but not good at anything.
  • Not as customizable as compared to WordPress or others.
  • It is a bit pricey when compared to others alternatives to the site.


  • Hard to remove branding on the mover and starter packs
  • No application facility to ease the use of the site.
  • Settings are confusing and counter-intuitive
  • Inability to add Pinterest tracking tags

Use Kajabi if-

You are looking for an all-in-one platform for your teaching experience. They provide membership sites and coaching programs with a free trial of 14 days to experience the well-built features of the website. They offer 24/7 assistance for your queries.

Use Podia if

You are looking for a platform to start up your online teaching business with less pricey paid plan offers, and then this is it. It gives you support and helps you make and sell your videos to the students as other ones. It assists you with every step and is an easy-to-use to handle.

Comparison table


Membership Feature

Affiliate Feature








Yes. Anyone can signup for online teaching. The demo and the real-life examples feature helps the users to sign up quickly with no hassle. They provide enough assistance through the sign-up process and give out complete guidance.

Kajabi offers an application facility for the users anywhere and is completely mobile-friendly for all Android mobile and iOs devices. At the same time, Podia does not give the application feature for its users but does give the facility to download the videos.

Yes. Email marketing feature is available for both Kajabi and Podia sites. They provide easy email marketing for the users.


At the end of the post, I think that Podia is better.

According to my, Podia seems better as it offers low pricing for the users compared to the other alternatives. It provides a messaging feature for the user’s assistance any time of the day.

Although the Kajabi website is no less than the other, it is mobile-friendly, provides 24/7 customer support, and is an all-in-one platform for users and teachers who want to establish their teaching courses